Canadian youngster pop star Justin Bieber was named through People magazine because the richest teenager within Hollywood, earning 53 million U.S. dollars sandwiched between May 2010 in addition to May 2011.Powered chiefly by 100 million-dollar box office on or after his concert film ‘Never Say Never,’ the 17-year-old rose toward the top of a teen pay register which also incorporated Miley Cyrus, 18, a Walt Disney starlet who rose to reputation by portraying the title character during popular TV show ‘Hannah Montana,’ who turned out subsequent with 48 million dollars.The Justin Bieber movie, a 3-D documentary which was at large in February 2011, was ranked as the top grossing concert film of every one time, beating behind schedule King of Pop Michael Jackson’s documentary “This Is It” in addition to Cyrus’concert film “most excellent of Both Worlds.’Selena Gomez, Bieber’s girlfriend, raked within five million dollars. She was followed by actor Will Smith’s children Jaden in addition to Willow, who made nine million dollars mutual.In May, Bieber what’s more was named by means of Forbes as the third laureate lying on the list of ‘Most dominant Celebrities,’ sprawling singer Lady Gaga and TV mass Oprah Winfrey.The People magazine’s list in addition features ‘Team Jacob’ beginning Taylor Lautner (16 million dollars) in addition to Angus Jones (six million dollars), who played the nephew of stand-up comedian Charlie Sheen within the CBS sitcom ‘Two in addition to a Half Men.’