Jennifer Hudson is looking enhanced than increasingly these days subsequent to losing 80 pounds, except the singer admits she on no account thought she was to big until she came on the way to Hollywood.‘I didn’t still know I was measured plus-sized until I came on the way to Hollywood,’ Hudson, 29, says within the September question of Self magazine. ‘I contemplation I was the perfect dimension’The channel used for her body change was not her desire to be a slender starlet however, but slightly her pregnancy by way of son David, now 2-years old. ‘I deliberation, Hold on—why doesn’t somebody know I’m expecting? And I wanted to set a first-rate example for my son. Right subsequent to I had him, I began wearisome to change equipment,’ Hudson explains.Hudson, who got her begin on the popular actuality show ‘American Idol” before departing on to Oscar glory designed for her role within ‘Dreamgirls,’ credits a large amount of her weight loss accomplishment to working out in addition to her commitment toward Weight Watchers. ‘I used to leave without myself, thinking that was well. I didn’t eat pasta, fried fare, red meat. I hadn’t had pizza within 10 years! Then, regarding two months after my son was instinctive, I attached Weight Watchers in addition to learned in relation to balance … It’s about portions in addition to sense of balance.’in addition to, while Hudson did not go down weight for her vocation, she is the first to come clean her new slim body type is not hurting. ‘earlier than, my career was great, except since trailing weight, I haven’t congested. I have worked each single day of this year.’