The Hour used up the day at Perth Racecourse’s Charities Race Day, in addition to with Prince Charles in addition to Camilla Duchess of York too in attendance, jeans with trainers just will not do.Stylist Tori MacKenzie was resting on hand with some top competition day fashion tips, in addition to she had three models on the way to show off some classy garments. She spoke to John MacKay in addition to Michelle McManus in relation to what to wear to such a big occurrence. She said:“I consider because it’s a contributions event you can go every one of out and be as extravagant as you feel like to. There’s no set dress code save for obviously you have to be smart adequate; no jeans but you can wear fine hats, accessories along with colour.

“Tartan is tremendous. It’s an absolute just the thing time to wear it when you’re in Scotland, in addition to I think it looks so neat as well. It’s absolutely striking.”

The initial model up was Leyla, who had lying on a dark green vintage stimulated dress with a girdle, a cape, a two of a kind of shoe boots and a beautiful hair piece. Tori said:

“The mantle is great because it covers the arms and gives you a modest bit of coverage with the restraint to cinch you in at the waist in addition to the gorgeous little shoe boots.

“The boots have got on the way to be a little bit extra substantial because of the mire, and the little crumb of detail in the hair by way of the hair piece really brings the business together.”Next up was Jenna modelling a black fascinator, a tie-dyed muted dress, a pearl cape as well as beige heels. The fascinator sits at the side of the cranium and has an roughly couture vibe on the way to it, and the dress turns within at the middle and looks in fact elegant with the pearl poncho.Tori advised not on the way to wear a dress that’s too short in addition to not to flash too a large amount flesh, and a wrap is the perfect way to keep your shoulders enclosed if your dress is strapless.The previous model up was Ross, who was wearisome a tailored black suit by way of a white shirt and a two of a kind of black lace-up shoes. Tori said:

“Check through the racecourse you’re disappearing to what the requirements are but through a lot of them you don’t call for to have a tie. Just unfasten the shirt at the top as well as add a little flower designed for a really smart appear.”