Hollywood heart-throb Jude commandment is suing The Sun over supposed interception of his voice mails designed for stories about his private life, comatose another tabloid of Rupert Murdoch’s shaky media territory into the phone hacking scandal so as to has rocked Britain.Law’s accomplishment pertains near the time when Rebekah Brooks was the editor and is alleged to be the initial such legal action alongside Murdoch’s best-selling every day title.The group’s major selling tabloid News of the World was stopped up down last week subsequent to the scandal engulfed it among revelations to the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler was hacked, in the middle of others.The News global (NI), the British unit of Murdoch’s News Corp, inveterate Law’s lawsuit, excluding firmly denied the state, the Independent newspaper whispered.The suit was filed at the high court during London last month beside The Sun, which was until now pure by the scandal. It is believed to be regarding four articles published by means of The Sun in 2005 and 2006 allegedly based lying on material obtained beginning the Sherlock Homes’ actor’s touchtone phone.Law’s previous fiancee Sienna Miller last month won £100,000 in compensation and “sincere apologies” as of the NOTW for the repeated hacking of her phone.The Sun most recent night described the 38-year-old Law’s maintain as a “deeply cynical with on purpose mischievous” try to draw the newspaper keen on the furore.fascinatingly, Rebakah Brooks who stepped down as News global CEO yesterday with who was editor of the NOTW when suspected malpractices happened, was also the editor of The Sun at the moment in time Law claims his privacy was breached.If confirmed, the proceedings would be particularly uncomfortable to Brooks, according toward the sovereign.